Cayman Stroke and Stride, Race 1

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This is a series of 3 races.

1. 400m swim and 2 mile run.

2. 600m swim and 2 mile run.

3. 800m swim and 2 mile run.

(then the triathlon build up begins!)

You can check it out here.

Last night was the first race, and my first attempt and a mass open water start.  There was about 100 swimmers starting. I was feeling quite confident because I have done enough open water swimming to feel confident.  I was wrong, the sound went, feet and arms everywhere.  Water was so rough and I couldn’t get a rhythm.  I found myself at 200m feeling really tired because I was just using too much energy swimming in this madness!!  I ended up doing breaststroke at some points, where I was stuck behind people or there just wasn’t room to turn the corner.

Really the swim shocked me, I must have been 5 mins slower than anticipated.  (I couldn’t tell because the battery was flat on my watch…)

I got out of the water feeling pretty tired and out of breath for a 400m swim, it felt more like a mile swim.  Anyway I plodded on the with run and felt ok after half a mile, I made up a bunch of places, but came in on 29 mins.  Not a good time.  I was hoping for 25.

Time to practice open water swimming with people, not just me!!!

(Note to self: Do not eat a lot of broccoli for lunch, internal action is way too high!)

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