Cayman Stroke and Stride–Race 2

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After a bit of a bad start to the set of 3 races, last night went a lot better.  For a start I made sure I had plenty of battery in my watch.

I decided to go for it a lot more with the swim, I still started near the back and on the wing, I’m not a great swimmer, but I’m better then my effort last week.

I wasn’t so shocked by the amount of arms and legs flying all over the place and stuck to my task, although still not in my normal rhythm,  I don’t think I ever will be!!  I soon started catching and overtaking people.  Trying to draft where I could, but I couldn’t seem to find the right person to draft.  Either too slow or too fast.

The current was against us on the way out, and you could certainly feel it!  After the turn, bodies were spread out, with the current behind us it was certainly easier.

I finished the swim in just under 12mins, still a very slow time for a swimmer, I was probably 4-5 mins behind the leader.  That’s still at least 2 mins slower than I would do it in a pool!

Transition took me just over a minute, I was never going to be fast.  I don’t have “quick” laces, I have to double knot my trainers and with wet feet and hands,  it’s tricky! I also need a good drink because the taste of salt water is horrible!  Most people that come out of the water with me or just after me started the run before me!!   I wasn’t worried in the slightest about that!  Some of these guys are very serious!

The run went pretty much as standard!  I certainly would like to have run faster, but the heat is a big factor for me, I’m not a small slim guy.  I weigh over 80kg and not having been here long, I overheat … a lot!

Thoughts that stick…

  • The guys and gals in Cayman are quite elitist and serious about their training.  There are not many “have-a-go” people here in the races.  Apparently its the same crowd for all these types of events.  Bugger!
  • I don’t like running straight out of the water.  Wet feet don’t make it overly comfortable and my heart rate doesn’t get chance to recover like it does on the bike – which is probably my strongest event anyway…so I miss the ground I can make up after my slow swim!  Also, I don’t like my nice trainers getting so wet!!!!


Next week is the final race in this Series.  The swim goes up to 800m.

Then the Triathlon build-up (practice) events start.  Which include a bike leg!  I’m looking forward to that!

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