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  • Moved to the Cayman Islands.

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    Those of you that know me in the physical world will know that I got a job in the Cayman Islands and have been whittering on about it for that last couple months!

    Although very excited and looking forward to, what my (Spanish) fiancé would call a “real summer”, I can’t argue, the UK has painfully unpredictable weather!  I’m gutted that I’m not going to be in the UK for the Olympics – totally gutted – I almost said no to the job based purely on that!

    I’ll be working as a SharePoint Dev for a company called DMS Organization (note the z not s!!) – its going to take some getting used too, spelling everything incorrectly!!

    Hopefully its going to be interesting challenge.

    I was planning to widen the scope of this blog, to not only .net, SharePoint etc geeky code stuff, but some stuff about the Cayman Islands and the surrounded countries.  Travelling is certainly high on our agenda and we plan on seeing as much as possible, using our weekends to the max!

    I have never been to the Cayman Islands before and I have never lived outside of the UK before, its all new and at times its difficult to focus the mind and remember that I have to start a new job, be smart and perform for what looks like a pretty dynamic organisation.  I’ve had several “first days” and don’t generally get nervous anymore – I know what I can and cant do.  I’m most intrigued to see how its done in another country and the Cayman seems interesting…a UK overseas territory, having our bank holidays and some cultural aspects etc, but with what seems heavy influence from the US.

    That of course is what I have inferred from speaking to a few different people who live there or have lived there – I must say, I’ve spoken to immigration a couple of times and not overly impressed, “blood from a stone springs” to mind!  I’ve also been warned about “Caribbean Time” !!

    Immigration is a problem, I have been granted a visa, but my fiancé cannot be a dependant on my visa, only when married can she be a dependant.  This is not resolved yet and while of course Luki is going to come out, exactly on what terms has yet to be decided!  Personally I think this is very old fashioned and they need to step it up – marriage is not as big-a-part of the world as it once was, we have been living together for several years – if this can be proved, like in many countries, she should be allowed.

    Cayman is (apparently) famous for a its scuba diving, boasting such a place as “Stingray City”, I’ve never done scuba diving before, only snorkelling a few times, I certainly plan on doing a PADI course and seeing some of the underwater world.  Again those that know me will know I love my bike (bicycle) and will be purchasing one on the island to get involved in what looks like an excellent little community.  And I can’t wait to go running along the beach with a quick swim to cool me down every km!

    That’s something I’ll have to get used too…Cayman uses the imperial system, crazy.  Ohh…and you don’t pay income tax…a nice bonus!

    Well, that’s enough about the “plans”, time for a dodgy airline meal, a quick siesta and get on with doing some of them!

    A couple pics from my journey!


    Train to London – progress.




    My view!