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  • jQuery Mobile…is it ready???

    I hope you haven’t come here looking for an answer!!! Because I want one too!!!

    I have recently been playing with JQM…and initially loved it….but….

    I mean, jQuery mobile is fantastic...whats been done here I think is awesome.  I'm enjoying working with it.

    (I know its beta 1!, but the below seems odd for even a beta release)

    There seems to be some fundamental bugs knocking about.  Links for example.  I have a fixed footer toolbar...3 buttons, Home, New, Settings.

    Home - I wanted to be non-ajax, so I set data-ajax=false ( I need that page to be refreshed from the server each time its hit - I'm sure I could do something better - but I'm working on a POC)...In the browser it works as expected.  Go to the iPhone (added to Home Screen) hit that button and a new safari window opens?

    New - This is an ajax true page, but doesn't always work...sometimes it goes to the new page, sometimes it goes to another page.

    Back - rarely works as expected.

    To be honest - links in general I find a little ropey...

    Form Post - This seems to struggle with consistency...9/10 times it works a treat, then occasionally the loading icon just spins and it continues does so for a long while...too long to wait.  To be fair, this could be a drop in the iPhone wifi connection for whatever reason - I'm not sure anyway that form posting is the best solution for a mobile device targeted app...but like i said...POC :)

    It's probably worth saying I am using mvc 3.  Each jQuery mobile page is in a separate Action and View...I haven't (except 1 dialog) got more than 1 page in each file.

    The reason I posted this thread is really to raise my concerns and to get feedback from the community...I'm looking at a reasonable project coming my way and I make heavy use of jQuery so this seems natural to me...but I don't want to realise I've made a bad decision in 2 months time and need to start again???

    Perhaps its just not ready….and that’s fine...but I don't want to realise I've made a bad decision in 2 months time and need to start again???

    I'd also like to add...Window Phone NOT fully supported.  Tested on HTC