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  • Error | EventType clr20r3

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    As errors go I found this one is pretty horrific.

    I got the error deploying a windows service written in .net 3.5 from my Vista x86 dev rig, to a 2003 x86 server.  Only having the .NET runtime installed on the server I wrapped the service up in a deployment project.  The service installed fine, however when trying to start the service I got a "The service did not respond in a timely manner" error.  Initially, like you would, I thought there was probably an error with my code in the OnStart method, but alas nothing in my beautifully crafted exception logging framework(!), over to the event viewer and this little beauty!

    The complete error is...

    EventType clr20r3, P1 <servicename.exe>, P2, P3 4816d837, P4 system, P5, P6 471ebf0d, P7 36d5, P8 7f, P9 system.argumentexception, P10 NIL.

    The error is titled...

    .NET 2.0 Runtime error. (Which through me a little, I'm on .net 3.5!!)

    After some intense googling I have pretty much "Jack", no clear answer from the MS forums, despite input from MSFT staff.  Something that kept popping up was that I was referencing something in the framework that wasn't installed on the server.  So I checked every reference manually on the server, I even thought there might be a problem because some of the .NET dll's on my machine are in "/ProgramFiles (x86)/...." the server not being x64 didn't have this folder so, I created it! (Not convinced, but worth a shot!) Nope, same error.

    Right, most who have seen this error report no problem on their dev machine with VS installed and get it on machines with just the runtime installed.  So, feck it, I installed VS 2008 on the server (clutching right!), I just though perhaps there was something VS installed that I was referencing the very least I would have debug tools installed, speed up the process and could rule it out.  Nope, same error.  Now I can't actually attach a debugger to the process can I, as the service hasn't won't start!

    This is mental!  As far as I was concerned I had nowhere else to go.  By the way, somewhere in there I actually tried to run the service on a different x64 2003 server, but still the same error.  I got another service I have been working on, hacked it about so it would build and run (making sure I was referencing the same libraries as original project).  Same drill, wrapped it in an installer, spun it up on the server, started first time!!!  Right, nothing to do with the framework, clearly the issue is local to my project.

    I created a new project and copied in any custom classes and basically replicated exactly what the problem service was doing, IT WORKED.  The only thing different, when I created the first project, I deleted the "Service1" that the project template creates.

    If you have made it this far down the post in anticipation of the first cause and "concrete" solution for this error, I am sorry to disappoint, but all I have is it to create a new project and start again...VS must be doing/wanting something weird in the background.  After wasting a hours on this I don't have the inclination of patience to look further/deeper.

    Perhaps someone has had similar experiences with the error and could enlighten the rest of us?


  • Swearing in the workplace

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    I would love to hear thoughts on this.  At my new place of work they have a "swear pot" and in this pot goes 20p for every overheard swear words, now I'm not talking about only the good stuff, the rule is apparently if you wouldn't say it in front of an 8 year old, then it counts.

    This is going to cost me a fortune, its not that I am a potty mouth, but I am of the opinion that swear words, as they are branded, are a part of the much loved English language and at times, quite simply nothing else will do.  The F word for example is a particular favourite!  Again I must iterate that I am capable enough to exercise common sense and would not shout such "considered" bad language across the office (although would not be offended if someone else did). 

    You could say I have answered my own question, if I wouldn't shout it across the room, then should it be said at all?  That's a subjective point and can be compared to many different things, movies for example, hence the age grading system.

    So, does "adult language" in the workplace (or anywhere) offend people or like me, do you consider it part of the English language that used correctly is perfectly at home in friendly adult conversation??

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  • Me, Google Analytics and US coverage...

    Tags: .NET, Personal

    I have been running Google Analytics on my site for while now, cant remember exactly how long!  Its pretty good I guess, I haven't really looked at any others!! What I did find interesting was looking at the number of hits from the US - I get more from the US, which is obvious seeing the GWB is a US based concern and well, it's not exactly a small place!!  The UK is second though! woot woot!! clearly the highest concentration of geeks, I haven't met either of them mind! :)

    I almost have a 100% of the states covered...


    ...just Wyoming and a little one on the right, Delaware, I didn't know either of them!!  What's wrong with these two then? Obviously they are Java states!!


  • Gotcha | Windows Service reinstall

    Tags: .NET, .NET 3.5

    System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: The specified service has been marked for deletion.

    This is the first time I have ever seen this error and it may well have been complete luck that I haven't as there seems to be a pretty solid reason why it occurs.

    It popped when I uninstalled a service using InstallUtil.exe, then tried to install again using the same utility.  Because I had the Windows Services window open (apparently it can also happen when you run uninstall without stopping the service as well, but seriously, who would be so reckless! ;-) ) when executing the uninstall there are some registry keys that are not deleted so when you try an install again the error occurs.

    The simple solution was to close the windows services window and run uninstall/install again...Bingo!


  • Live FolderShare

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    image Recently I have been working on different machines in different locations I have been using foldershare more and more.  It's nothing new, basically you configure a folder as shared on the foldershare web site, then install foldershare on another machine and configure a location on that machine you want to sync the files too.  Then changes to either location are synced either automatically or on demand.  Something to note is that the files are NOT stored online anywhere, so I have found it useful to have foldershare installed on a machine that is always on. 

    As mentioned before on GWB what would be nice is a merge of SkyDrive and foldershare, but in it current situation its a very handy tool that's well worth a look.  There are limitations, I wouldn't want to have large files shared, nothing really stopping you doing that, but I don't.  If you don't have a machine on that's sharing the files, you wont be able to get them - that's where the link with a SkyDrive folder would be great.  You could use a USB flash drive for working on,  but in this connected world I just don't want too, it just seems so manual - having to remember it, dragging files around etc!!! :)

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  • LINQ to SQL: Property Changed / Changing Logging

    Tags: .NET 3.5, LINQ

    I have recently came up against a perfect opportunity to get stuck into LINQ to SQL, its a small project where RAD is top priority.  As often is the case I need to audit changes to properties, normally I would probably do some work in the getter and setter of the property, but of course with LINQ to SQL I don't have access to the properties in the same way.  Looking through the intellisense of the LINQ generated class I can see a PropertyChanged and PropertyChanging event, perfect!  Not exactly.  Here is what is generated for you...

    The event logic...


    The property getter/setter...


    Back to my code...

    As you can see below there are two arguments, as normal! and the PropertyChangingEventArgs has a PropertyName property.  Two problems I have with this; 1. PropertyName is only set on the PropertyChanged event, not PropertyChanging, 2. Is that it? The property name, what about original and current value for starters? Which is exactly what is needed for an audit log.


    Well you could cast out the sender.


    Cool, you now have the class, with your new value but the class doesn't tell you which property has changed, wait, you have the property name, but as a string - yuk!! So in case you haven't figured out where I am going with this, you will need to do some manual and frankly nasty processing in the property changing event to get the the original value and some more manual processing the property changed event to get the current value.  Don't forget that the casting out the sender in the PropertyChanging handler will not be any use as its a reference type and will refer to the same class after the change has happened, so you will have two variables with a reference to the same instance.

    All of this turned out the be a complete waster of thinking as on further investigation I found the GetModifiedMembers method in the "LINQ table" collection, that takes an argument of the type and returns an array of System.Data.Linq.ModifiedMemberInfo objects.  Here you can see...


    Perfect... :)

    .net I salute you!! There is always a way and boy, teasing it out of you is such fun :)


  • MS: Would it really have been so difficult?

    Tags:, Silverlight, Visual Studio

    When working with and now XAML I lean towards code view over the designer, a preference of course, but considering this feature I guess I am not alone.  When working with events in XAML you can simply type "Click=" and the nice little helper jumps up asking what event handler you'd like to wire it up to or even create a new one and the stub will be created. NICE!


    As an added little beauty, this doesn't automatically send you off into the code behind.

    Why-o-Why isn't it the same for markup?


  • Fingerprint security

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    On my new Dell XPS M1330 there is a finger print reader, now I have had a load of problems getting it to work on x64 Vista, well the driver was there, but the associated software is not supplied by dell in an x64 version. I did however find the full retail version from the Upek website, that thankfully is 64 bit and considering it cost <£10, I didn't think twice about the investment.

    I am totally loving it, no more typing anything to login, I simply swipe my thumb across the reader and bingo!  (Considering I normally just sleep the laptop, I am logged in within 6-8 seconds...the machine rocks!)  You can also associate your finger print with login details on websites - so simply load up the page, swipe your thumb, the form is filled and submitted (that's a separate option).  You can do a lot more with it, which I will discover in time, but those couple of features are good enough for now!!

    What would be great is if that little built in camera could just detect it was me and do the business!

    Realistically I guess the fingerprint security is actually less secure than a well constructed password; if I'm dead for example the password if gone for good, but the thumb is free to use!


  • Live Messenger error 81000306 with Netgear DG834G v2 Router

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    image This is basically a note for myself as I have come up against this problem three times now and each time had to work it out!  (which I put down the bodies natural reaction of forgetting pain!)

    If you experience the same as me you will find that wireless connections are fine and MSN connects no problem but with wired connections, wether direct or through another switch wont and throw the error 81000306, troubleshooting with Messenger all passes and specific connection tests (like TCP and HTTP from connections->Advanced settings) show all is fine, the connection tab will even say "You are directly connected to the .NET Messenger Service", but alas still wont connect.

    Well, the problem is in the router firmware, the version that has problems is the latest version, 3.01.31.  Revert back to the next version, 3.01.25 and the problem goes away!

    Happy Days :)


  • First time overclocking

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    I have just built a new PC, nothing super special, but pretty nifty.  I have gone for a core 2 duo E8200 2.66Ghz with the new Wolfdale 45nm architecture (w'eva!), 4GB corsair ram, Nvidia 8600GT Gfx, WD Raptor 150GB drive and a Gigabyte board.  I have read bits here and there about overclocking, but have never really been bothered to take to much of a look into it.  Seeing I had some time this week and I had been prompted by a mate to do so I though I would.

    I started taking a look around the web and like so often ended up and CodingHorror checking out what he had done for his own and Scott Hanselman's "Developer Rig".  I recommend you check out these links from coding horror; overclocking, torture test the rig and one with some info that was specific to my chip.

    I gradually got mine up to 3.0Ghz and have upped the voltage to the chip (0.4) and RAM (0.1) and it's very stable indeed, I ran the torture test described above for over and hour without and problems.  Reading the article specific to my chip and talking to a mate, I might be able to get 3.3 or 3.4 out of my chip, but to be honest I am more than happy with 3.0 (well ever so slightly over!).


    Vista Scale was 5.5 now 5.7

    PCMark05 was 7814 now 8094.


    It's not groundbreaking improvement, but better than nothing and I wanted to do it partly as an experiment anyway!  Installing Vista Ultimate x64 has caused far more problems! Especially on my new Dell XPS M1330 - nightmare!

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