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  • Go Sharepoint : Virtual Server 2005 Gotcha...

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    I am starting down a path with Sharepoint (MOSS 2007), so I found a nice MOSS virtual machine download, its only a 30 day trial, but that'll do for the moment.  It's nice that it comes all installed etc, just to get a flavour.  The virtual machine is also a domain controller - not sure whether there is any specific reason that relates to a MOSS installation!  The image also contains SQL 2005 SP1, Office 2007 Pro, Sharepoint Designer and some other bits...check the above link for more details.

    Back to the Gotcha, well, there are two.  After installing Virtual Server 2005, I promptly opened the admin page, ready to attach my newly extracted 10GB image when I was greeted with this message... Could not connect to Virtual Server.  Access Denied.  Please contact Virtual Server administrator to set the required permissions to manage Virtual Server.  You can specify an alternate Virtual Server below.


    After a little googling around, a few dead ends I discovered that is could be that I need to have Windows Authentication and nothing else enabled in IIS.

    It needs to be turned on in Window Features, which can be found in Programs and Features.


    Done...back to IIS, into the Virtual Director, Authentication...


    Perfect...back to the admin screen, Virtual Machines, Add, type in the path to the .vmc file and bingo.  Nearly! Those of us in the UK will struggle with the password...the @ sign is on the number 2!

    This Virtual Machine stuff rocks!  Still waiting for the Sharepoint book of all Sharepoint books (!) to arrive before things really get cooking, but hopefully have something done over the weekend.


  • Running Google Map pedometer / plotter

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    If your into running, walking etc you may have come across this site, I think its fantastic.

    It enables you to plot your run, walk or whatever and gives you the distance travelled and shows you the elevation of your route.  Once your done you can save the url, like this ( ) which was what I did tonight, and keep as bookmarks!


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  • The end of HD DVD

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    Toshiba have already announced they will no longer be making HD DVD units and Microsoft have now announced they will no longer me making the HD DVD drive.  Guess it was only a matter of time after Warner Brothers decided that Blu-ray was the way for them.

    Bit of a bugger for those who forked out on a HD DVD unit, but at least we now know the way its going.  I have been holding off to see which way it goes.

    Just wait and hope that MS make a blu-ray drive now :)

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  • Email Address

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    Maybe I am just being slow here, but I didn't know it was possible to get a email address, I suppose I've never really thought about it and I'm not exactly sure I came by it today, but there you go...

    Anyway, I thought it was cool, get yourself a email address here

    UPDATE: The link is now sorted!

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  • .net 2.0 in VS2008

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    I attended a user group presentation from Daniel Moth last night on Visual Studio 2008 and .net 3.5. I won't go on about the wonders of .net 3.5 as I'm sure you are well aware of them, but what did take me last night was the backward compatibility of it. I knew that VS2008 supported .net 2.0 and 3.0, but wasn’t aware that I could take advantage of so many new features still using .net 2.0.

    I would expect javascript intellisense to be supported and CSS, they aren't anything to do with .net, right!

    Did you know however that new syntax candy like this are:

    1. Anonymous Types
    2. Automatic Properties
    3. Extension Methods (
    4. Object Initialisers

    How? Well in VS2008 there is only 1 compiler, which is the C#3.0 compiler and that is aware of syntax like the above.


  • Wiki and my thoughts...

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    Reading Scott Hanselman's blog this morning, he stated that MS have released Wiki.  The idea is basically a "one-stop-shop" for all things to save people the time of googling and going through the results.

    First of all I thought that sounded like a good idea, but thinking about it I'm not so convinced and let me tell you why!

    Looking through the wiki, what I basically see is a carefully selected collection of links to various posts on a particular subject, now of course the wiki is still in its infancy so the links are top notch, most selected by Scott, but give it a few months aren't people going to be adding links to their own posts on a particular subject??, and even removing others? (It's been bad enough lately with people cross posting massive posts on some of the most popular "big" RSS feeds!)

    With a search engine the top results are the most popular/best match for the search criteria you have put in.

    Don't get me wrong I think the idea has legs, I just don't think a free-for-all editing wiki is going to be as useful as it first seems, neither will a team of people selecting the links - they have their favourite sources and will likely miss some gems that the google machine won't.  Perhaps I'm being overly cynical today!! 

    How about instead of a free-for-all wiki, MS write an specific search engine?  How could it work? If you gave it certain sites to trawl then you're back to the same situation of "gems" being missed, and perhaps even favouritism towards MS blogs! How about some kind of tag system like technorati, then why not just use technorati?? Well, its not specific I guess, but will that stop someone tagging a post on WPF?  Could have some kind of script that notified the "MS search engine" (a modern day product name in the making...nah, to short!), that a post is ready to be trawled and let the engine index it based on contents!  Build a site based on results from the engine??

    What do you think?

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