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  • VS 2008, Silverlight and Blend

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    OK so anyone reading this is most likely aware that Visual Studio 2008 beta 2 has been released but you may not be aware that today they have released Silverlight RC1, Silverlight  1.1 tools for VS 2008.  Plus MS have released a refresh to Expression Blend.

    Scott Hanselman's has the best post I have seen and is a one stop shop for all VS 2008 info. 

    Check it out

    UPDATEI should really add for completeness, even though its already been posted on GWB, you should check out ScottGu's blog post, there are couple of thins to do once you have installed VS.


  • Becoming a better developer...

    Tim Hibbard has tagged me, so here goes...

    Meet more developers Not so long ago I posted about a new user group in my area (well, 1hr drive away) yet I am still to attend a meeting, I really must; I know very few developers and I have no doubt I could learn a great deal from attending such event and hopefully enjoy the whole thing!

    Targeted Reading & LearningI do spend a lot of time reading, researching and playing with new stuff but need to target my reading/learning. I tend to read loads of articles and blogs and probably watch 1 or 2 webcasts a month but rarely to I take the subject further by writing my own apps etc. which is daft because I am very much a "learn by doing" kind of person.I have recently purchased a book on WPF so this is to be the start of it! Read the book and build some apps along the way.  Also on the scope is Silverlight 1.1, Enterprise Library (prime example, I use it and know enough to get by but not to excel).

    Communication...I need to learn to be a better public speaker, in fact just a better speaker, period.  But how does one learn to just speak up???  I often struggle to get my idea across to the necessary people and generally don't speak up enough in meetings etc.  Generally in 1 to 1 situations I am OK but in crowds I more often than not let others speak.

    Masters Degree (Msc)I have recently completed my application to study an MSc in Computer Science at one of the UK's top 10 uni's.  Study will be part-time, undoubtedly involving huge time commitments from me and it will be technically difficult but I do believe that everything and anything is easy (perhaps easier!) to do if you WANT to do it.

    I tag Martin Hinshelwood


  • TIP: Silverlight doesn't install on Vista - or so it seems!

    So recently I have been trying to play with VS Orcas and Silverlight but hit a huge wall.  After installing Orcas, the silverlight add-in for it and the silverlight Alpha runtime I still was unable to view any silverlight content, the same "Install Silverlight" graphic would appear.

    After some considerable google time I found this link from Walt Ritscher and one of the comments did the trick.


    1. Close IE72. Un-install all versions of silverlight runtime3. Delete the registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\TypeLib\{283C8576-0726-4DBC-9609-3F855162009A} 4. Run IE7 as Admin5. Re-install the Alpha or Beta silverlight runtime

    ....and thats it!!!

    Don't know what took me so long :-|

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