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  • The Good, The Bad and The "You must be f'king kidding"!

    This weekend has been fairly interesting!

    The Good

    The weekend started great; left work early, picked a kitchen for my new house then bought a 40" Sony Bravia LCD HD telly!! Woohoo, finally get rid of the big 32" block sat in the corner and we can upgrade to Sky HD and see what all the fuss is about!



    The Bad

    Despite another great century by Kevin Pietersen in the cricket world cup helping England to beat the West Indies by 1 wicket in a 300 run chase, certainly the best game of the tournament; England didnt make it into the semi-finals. Australia are a safe bet to win, unbeaten so far and playing the best cricket by far (ouch, that hurt!)

    Brian Lara, in my opinon the most exciting batsmen ever in world cricket retired from the international scene after the afore mentioned game.  He was actually run out by Samuels on 18 - not a fitting end the career of this genius.

    You must be f***king kidding

    My missus bumped my car while I was parked on our drive; she reversed straight into it with her new car!  She has a tiny little scratch and I need a new door...

    I know, its no Ferrari!!!  I have been driving for 10 years and not had a accident(touch wood!! - (how the hell that helps I dont know :-) ), then my car gets trashed while parked up in my own drive!

    That's her shiny new car in the background!

    Ohh well on the bright side no-one was hurt (probably because I was parked up - did i mention that!!??), anyway so onward and upwards, its Monday tomorrow!


  • Bristol (South-West England) has a Dot Net user group

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    If you are based in the southwest of England you are probably aware that there isnt a dot net user group and if you want to see any presentations you have to either be lucky enough and well planned to get in when MS come to Bristol but most likely theres the drive up the M4 to Reading.  (I guess you could brave public transport and risk being late, getting lost or perhaps just not getting anywhere - bollox to that!!)

    I did post sometime ago enquiring how one would go about starting a user group - not really having or wanting to dedicate all my spare time to it nothing ever came about!  Luckily for us all some people have!!

    Check it out here -

    There are three meetings planned and they are held in the Filton part of Bristol in the BAWA building - directions can be found here

    First meeting which is actually in couple of days! It's Mike Taulty (the blog maniac DE in the UK) talking about LINQ - here

    May 21st: Enterprise Library And The Policy Injection Application Block with Alex Homer

    June 18th: Windows Communication Foundation and Windows CardSpace with Martin Parry

    I wont actually be at the first one as I am going to the MSDN roadshow in Reading(!) next Wednesday which includes loads of info on LINQ and more.  Anyone else going??

    However I will be at the second one in May and really looking forward to it, I have recently started working with the Enterprise Library so the timing is perfect especially with the a new release of the Library being recently released.

    Look forward to seeing you there! :)


  • Vista: Windows Update not working on a domain

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    If you are using windows vista on a domain you may find you are unable to get windows updates.

    When added to a domain Vista adds a registry key (a policy) to look for a WSUS server.  I don't know the ins and outs of it but I presume that if that server isn't dishing out Vista updates it fails.

    So anyway the key to delete is...


    there is a subkey called AU; delete that as well!

    Restart windows and set the update going and all should be grand! :)


  • My Subtext Vista Skin / Theme!

    After the update to subtext yesterday I decided I would have a look for a new Skin, I am not much of a designer so quite easily pleased (!) but surprisingly I didn't really see any there that jumped out at me so seeing I didn't have anything to do this afternoon and I rarely play around with design'y type things I would have a go at my own...I didn't really plan on creating a "skin" it just kinda went that way as I was changing this then that etc in the custom CSS part of the options tab in the subtext configuration.

    Rain was my favorite layout so I set the skin to that; first off changing just colors etc.  I then wanted to change the background, I have always like websites with a dark background and light text, I decided on a vista theme mainly because I would have the graphics all related to the same theme easily available.  Mainly I grabbed the graphics from Vista backgrounds just chopping out the bit I wanted, I created a couple (the start button and menu bar) by using MS OneNote's winkey+S to grab a portion of the screen then in fireworks chopped out just the circular button.  I did create the post background myself :) little bit of a gradient!! tool almost 4 minutes!!! I made a change to the width of everything as well; rain skin was to narrow - about 500/550px I think.

    I had the CSS files for the Rain theme open, source view of my blog to see what element was what and I was away!!

    So what do you think?? Any good?? ;-)

    P.S. If you want the CSS and images for the theme let me know and I'll send them on ;-)


  • Enterprise Library April 2007 Released.

    I have just clocked that the Enterprise Library has been released; you can download it here

    I am quite new to using the Enterprise library and I don't use all of it but there are distinct advantages to using it when developing Enterprise (!) size applications. Especially where the Exception handling rules are concerned. For smaller projects I would probably consider the use of the library as overkill!!

    Overview from the site


    The patterns & practices Enterprise Library is a library of application blocks designed to assist developers with common enterprise development challenges. Application blocks are a type of guidance, provided as source code that can be used "as is," extended, or modified by developers to use on enterprise development projects. This release of Enterprise Library includes application blocks for Caching, Cryptography, Data Access, Exception Handling, Logging, Policy Injection, Security and Validation.


    For those who are totally new to Patterns & Practices should definitely take a look at the MS home page. There is much more than application blocks to get stuck into!