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  • Atlas Control Toolkit - September Release (with Animation Support!)

    The latest release of the Atlas Control Toolkit has been released...

    You can download and see the demo's here

    Check out the updatepanelanimation here there is also an animation extender to show panels etc with a zoom, fade etc.

    Scott Gu has a great post (as expected!) here

    They have a nice little slider control for selecting ranges, it looks pretty cool.  Another one that caught my eye is the 'NoBot' control which is like an invisible captcha.....worth a look :-)


  • Trip To Rome...anyone been?

    Hey, I am going to Rome this weekend with my girlfriend.  Seeing I have never been before I thought someone may have some tips on great places to eat, see etc. that are off the beaten track (so to speak).

    I also wondered if non Italian speaking people had any problems over there? only language is English!

    We are staying near Vatican City.


    Thanks in advance.



  • CSS Adapter for 2.0 - Mouseover not working in IE6

    Hi There

    If like me you love to use CSS instead of HTML tables for the layout design of your pages then you no doubt have at least tried the CSS Adapter for 2.0 controls, if not take a look here.

    Scott Gu has a great blog on it here, which discusses the new release, how to install etc. In a previous post (link to it on the same post) he talks about how easy it is to write your own adapter.

    It comes with a nice tutorial and sample application, I have to say that its not as straight forward as I originally thought but once you get your head round the extensive (to me!) CSS classes you'll love it....not to mention the huge reduction in page size (in my case anyway ;-D).


    So anyway..the error!!!

    IE6 doesn't support the :hover tag in CSS on anything other than 'a' tag, so the adapter uses JavaScript to perform the runs a function that attaches to the onmouseover and onmouseout event, the function is run like this

    window.onload = SetHover_AspNetMenu;

    ...well if in your own page you override the onload event like this..

    this.onload = function() {    //some code in here}

    then the SetHover.. function will not be called.  First of all I simple did a check for < IE7 and ran the code myself from my own onload override.  Then after talking with Russ on the forums he suggested coming up with a simple way to do this for everyone.  So I added this to bottom of the MenuAdapter.js file

    function SetupMenuForIE6() {      if (isPreIE7) {            SetHover__AspNetMenu();     }}

    Then went into the MenuAdapter file where all the other scripts are called in the method RegisterScripts() and added this   

    Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(GetType(), "Menu-IE6-JS",               "<script type='text/javascript'>SetupMenuForIE6();</script>");

    Hope this helps someone has had the same problem I have.



  • StyleSheetTheme for Viewing Themes @ Design Time

    If like me you use Themes but are always annoyed that they don't show at design time. Well styleSheetTheme is the answer.

    The styleSheetTheme actually gets applied in very early in the page cycle, even before the page control properties.  That way you can still override the styleSheetTheme at page and control level by the Theme property.

    You can set it a page level like this...

    <%@ Page Language="C#" StylesheetTheme="Theme1" %>

    or (if like me) you prefer to set things like this globally you can use the web.config

    <system.web>      <pages styleSheetTheme="Theme1" /><system.web>

    One thing to note is that setting EnableTheming=false doesn't stop applying the styleSheetTheme.

    I just like it as I get design time view of my pages.




  • HELP! SQL Session State in 2.0

    I am having huge problems with setting up SQL session state for my app.  I have run the aspnet_regsql.exe tool and the database has been created correctly with the user id etc.However nothing is saved in the session...i can look at the sql tables and see that in the TempApps table i have my application, when i look in the TempSession table i don't have any rows.

    I have tried to do something very simple like this...

    Master.PageTitle is just the text property of a label control.

    if (Session["test"] != null)

       Master.PageTitle = Session["test"].ToString();

    else {

       Session["test"] = "Hello from SQL session";

       Master.PageTitle = "Yes i am null";



    Master.PageTitle += Session["test"].ToString();

    The property is always "Yes i am nullHello from SQL session"

    So the Session is set but when i postback to the server again the session is null.???The exact same code works in InProc mode, and so does the rest of my Session management code.I am normally storing an object which i have set as [Serializable]

    In my web.config i have


    sqlConnectionString="user id=<userid>; password=<password>; data source=server1;"

    cookieless="AutoDetect" />

    Is there something i am missing?? I have followed the msdn to the T, just seems like i am missing something?




    I found this issue the other day....I was trying to serialize a DataView object...doh!