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  • CSS Adapter: Beta 3 released

    CSS Adapter beta 3 was released just over a week ago now so this is probably old news!!

    However you should know that the bug I found detailed here is still there, so I still needed to edit a little of the code for IE6 to work OK.

    However another bug I was invloved seems to be fixed, I must say this fixed bug is certainly more important one to fix so top marks to Russ Helfand on this.

    Anyone who is yet to use this, I would at least recommend using it on the Menu control; I have saved around 20KB on each of my pages!!


  • Atlas to AJAX: Cascading Drop Down

    Tags: AJAX

    In my last post I went over a couple of problems I am found while migrating to the new AJAX beta framework.  Mainly this was related to Web Services with a little on the Cascading drop down control...I have since got some more info in about this control so instead of updating that post I thought that the Cascading drop down deserved one all of its own!!! :)

    I am only going to cover the problems I found when migrating; this is not a tutorial on using the control.  There are plenty of those around!

    1.  The cascading drop down controls (there now needs to be a separate control for each drop down) needs to be in the same update panel as the drop down list controls that they extend.

    2.  The web service class either needs



    using Microsoft.Web.Script.Services;


    namespace Clm.Web.Services



        public class Foo

    3.  Your page methods need to be static

    4.  Your page methods need to be declared in the aspx markup file (not code behind), Matt Gibbs has confirmed this as a bug and they will have a fix for it soon.  Check Rick Strahl's post here.


    I think that's just about it !!!


  • Atlas to AJAX: Calling a Web Service from AJAX Beta1

    Tags: AJAX

    I am currently converting my app from Atlas CTP to AJAX, I am having a few problems here and there...least of all intellisense doesn't work but the page builds and displays?? Wait to here from the forums on that one...stay tuned!

    A change from the CTP's, to call a web service through the MS AJAX library you need to add the....

    [Microsoft.Web.Script.Services.ScriptService] your web service class or add the Microsoft.Web.Script.Services namespace to your to the using statements.



    public class [ClassName] : System.Web.Services.WebService


    This is true for webservices that the Cascading Drop Down control uses too.

    Note on the Cascading drop down control: I have found that for my page method to work correctly I need to have the code in the aspx file as appose to in the code behind file? This seems totally crazy and I'm sure I must be missing something.  Again I wait to here from the forums...stay tuned.Also, all your page methods now need to be static.

    I will be posting more on this as I get all the problems ironed out.


  • Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Beta 1

    Tags: AJAX

    MS have released the beta 1 of the AJAX library.  This is an official release and has the code feature that will be supported when its finally released.

    Check Scott Gu's post here


  • Colour - soooo important! Find the HEX value of any colour.

    I love working with our designers to get a great UI, I'm lucky enough to normally develop my applications/systems across all tier's, not a huge fan of SQL development but any coding is better than none...right!!! anyway presentation layer development is one of my favorite.  Now with the power of Microsoft AJAX Library (so PC!) in my backpocket we can really pull off some great looking and ' awesome experience' UI's.

    Well being a programmer my flare for layout and colour co-ordination is not fantastic!! Thankfully we have great designers and artists where I work!!

    Something I often find myself doing when developing the presention layer is searching for the hex values of certain colours that I may see and sometimes the hex values of colours on my storyboard, that's where this great little tool comes in.... gives you the RGB, hex and others of any colour that your mouse pointer is hovering over.

    Not earth shattering but add up all the little things!!!! (you know what I mean)


  • Visual Studio 2005 Crash Dump

    I have been having a problem with VS 2005 and CSS files, often when i try and save a CSS file VS will crash.  Some of you have probably got the same issue??? I have at work and home so I assume it's not just something with my install!

    So I emailed MS to see if the bug has been fixed in SP1....although not exactly sure they have asked me send them a crash dump and pointed me to this link for info so i thought i would share.



  • dotnet User Group? Code Camp? in the UK - No!

    I often read people blogs and they are off to Code camp or some event with their user group talking about the free stuff they get from MS and well, I want to go! BUT...I live in England, near Bristol.  I can't seem to find any such thing near me!

    So (two part question!)

    1.  Is anyone out their from my area and part of a dot net user group?

    2.  How would I go about starting one? Who is the best person to contact about this?



  • Rome - What a place

    Well, I got back from Rome about a week ago so I thought I would blog my thoughts and a couple of pics for you to take a look at.

    The city is pretty mental, I have never seen driving like that before!!!!

    Probably the most impressive city (architecturally speaking) in the world especially considering so many of the buildings were build about 2000 years you should see the Colosseum, WOW!  We actually had a guide take us round which made it even better.

    Everywhere you look you are amazed by another huge, old building....

    I didn't think anything would top the Colosseum until I went into the Sisteen Chapel....totally incredible.

    Food was pretty good, if not a little pricey!!!

    Couple or pics for you to take a look at...