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  • Installing Windows 2012 on VMWare 8

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    This seems like a simple task, but considering the problems I had, I thought I’d just knock out a quick post!

    VMWare 8 is not the latest version, so perhaps this is ironed out somewhat in version 9!?

    I went through the normal steps of Create new VM, pointed at my Win 2012 ISO and away we go…

    First error

    Windows cannot read the <Product Key> setting from the unattend answer file

    This causes a continuous boot loop.


    Resolution: disable the floppy drive.

    Windows should install fine now!

    Second error

    Trying installing VMWare tools

    VMware Tools installation cannot be started manually while the easy install is in progress.


    Resolution: enable the floppy drive again!!!!

    Third Error

    Black screen after installing VMWare tools.


    Resolution: Enable graphics acceleration


    Hope this helps!


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