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  • Error | EventType clr20r3

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    As errors go I found this one is pretty horrific.

    I got the error deploying a windows service written in .net 3.5 from my Vista x86 dev rig, to a 2003 x86 server.  Only having the .NET runtime installed on the server I wrapped the service up in a deployment project.  The service installed fine, however when trying to start the service I got a "The service did not respond in a timely manner" error.  Initially, like you would, I thought there was probably an error with my code in the OnStart method, but alas nothing in my beautifully crafted exception logging framework(!), over to the event viewer and this little beauty!

    The complete error is...

    EventType clr20r3, P1 <servicename.exe>, P2, P3 4816d837, P4 system, P5, P6 471ebf0d, P7 36d5, P8 7f, P9 system.argumentexception, P10 NIL.

    The error is titled...

    .NET 2.0 Runtime error. (Which through me a little, I'm on .net 3.5!!)

    After some intense googling I have pretty much "Jack", no clear answer from the MS forums, despite input from MSFT staff.  Something that kept popping up was that I was referencing something in the framework that wasn't installed on the server.  So I checked every reference manually on the server, I even thought there might be a problem because some of the .NET dll's on my machine are in "/ProgramFiles (x86)/...." the server not being x64 didn't have this folder so, I created it! (Not convinced, but worth a shot!) Nope, same error.

    Right, most who have seen this error report no problem on their dev machine with VS installed and get it on machines with just the runtime installed.  So, feck it, I installed VS 2008 on the server (clutching right!), I just though perhaps there was something VS installed that I was referencing the very least I would have debug tools installed, speed up the process and could rule it out.  Nope, same error.  Now I can't actually attach a debugger to the process can I, as the service hasn't won't start!

    This is mental!  As far as I was concerned I had nowhere else to go.  By the way, somewhere in there I actually tried to run the service on a different x64 2003 server, but still the same error.  I got another service I have been working on, hacked it about so it would build and run (making sure I was referencing the same libraries as original project).  Same drill, wrapped it in an installer, spun it up on the server, started first time!!!  Right, nothing to do with the framework, clearly the issue is local to my project.

    I created a new project and copied in any custom classes and basically replicated exactly what the problem service was doing, IT WORKED.  The only thing different, when I created the first project, I deleted the "Service1" that the project template creates.

    If you have made it this far down the post in anticipation of the first cause and "concrete" solution for this error, I am sorry to disappoint, but all I have is it to create a new project and start again...VS must be doing/wanting something weird in the background.  After wasting a hours on this I don't have the inclination of patience to look further/deeper.

    Perhaps someone has had similar experiences with the error and could enlighten the rest of us?


  • First time overclocking

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    I have just built a new PC, nothing super special, but pretty nifty.  I have gone for a core 2 duo E8200 2.66Ghz with the new Wolfdale 45nm architecture (w'eva!), 4GB corsair ram, Nvidia 8600GT Gfx, WD Raptor 150GB drive and a Gigabyte board.  I have read bits here and there about overclocking, but have never really been bothered to take to much of a look into it.  Seeing I had some time this week and I had been prompted by a mate to do so I though I would.

    I started taking a look around the web and like so often ended up and CodingHorror checking out what he had done for his own and Scott Hanselman's "Developer Rig".  I recommend you check out these links from coding horror; overclocking, torture test the rig and one with some info that was specific to my chip.

    I gradually got mine up to 3.0Ghz and have upped the voltage to the chip (0.4) and RAM (0.1) and it's very stable indeed, I ran the torture test described above for over and hour without and problems.  Reading the article specific to my chip and talking to a mate, I might be able to get 3.3 or 3.4 out of my chip, but to be honest I am more than happy with 3.0 (well ever so slightly over!).


    Vista Scale was 5.5 now 5.7

    PCMark05 was 7814 now 8094.


    It's not groundbreaking improvement, but better than nothing and I wanted to do it partly as an experiment anyway!  Installing Vista Ultimate x64 has caused far more problems! Especially on my new Dell XPS M1330 - nightmare!

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  • Vista: Windows Update not working on a domain

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    If you are using windows vista on a domain you may find you are unable to get windows updates.

    When added to a domain Vista adds a registry key (a policy) to look for a WSUS server.  I don't know the ins and outs of it but I presume that if that server isn't dishing out Vista updates it fails.

    So anyway the key to delete is...


    there is a subkey called AU; delete that as well!

    Restart windows and set the update going and all should be grand! :)


  • Windows Vista - My thoughts so far.....

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    I have had Vista installed for about a month and although I haven’t specifically spent time to find out exactly what’s new I have developed likes and dislikes.

    I think somewhere on GWB I saw a post along the lines of “What’s all the fuss about?”, I don’t agree with that; from what I have seen at the Vista Developer launch and .net 3 the world of development is getting better in the Vista era! Especially from a UI perspective.

    So anyway my likes and dislikes (please post yours; I would like to see what I have missed)


    • Aero; how can anyone not like Aero? The new theme is excellent; I much prefer the black taskbar. 
    • Windows explorer; I was not sure on the breadcrumb thing to start with but now I am a fan! The treeview that auto scrolls is also a nice touch.
    • Dialogs; the new “File Open Dialog” and the “message box” dialogs are much better. You don’t actually get these dialogs “for free” when developing windows applications but should be a must for all applications intended to run on windows. Note: I am going to do a post on building these new dialogs into windows apps soon.
    • Searching; this is probably my “numero uno” favourite! The search box on the start menu.....type in calc and it opens the calculator!! No more going through a load of flyout menu’s to find an application, simple start typing in there and the results will start to appear!! I Love it!
    • Actually search is available all over Vista and its very quick and I already miss it when using XP.
    • IIS7; this isn’t really the post to get right into IIS7, it’s such a huge improvement. There are plenty of improvements for both sys admins and developers...roll on Longhorn!!!
    • The cool 3D view when you click “Switch applications”.
    • Alt Tabbing gives you a small view of the window. I know XP had a power toy for this but it isn’t as good!
    • Sidebar; this is very cool and I can see lots of potential for add-ons etc. The framework MS provide makes this even more appealing! I have written a small gadget and will post on that later!


    • User Account Control (UAC); this has to be top of the list – it’s just the most annoying thing ever to happen on a computer. Although I can see the reason for it, I just had to turn it off!!
    • Not all applications (Macromedia..ur..Adobe Fireworks) support the new theme and revert to vista basic.
    • Although early days support for software, even from MS seems poor. Installing VS was a nightmare and I have just bought a keyboard set from MS that is supposed to be Vista arse...disc wouldn’t load!
    • Unreal Tournament doesnt work properly - the game is very jumpy!  It could be my PC but it worked fine on XP and I have a 4.0 on the "Vista Scale" so its not great but no slouch!!
    • MSN Messenger Live doesnt connect even though the troubleshooting says it should - not sure this is Vista related but it sure never happended before!

    So I guess its a safe assumtion that I am a fan on Vista on the whole - this isnt really a review of the technical improvements on Vista.  I never really had a problem with XP on that front so I assume Vista is at the very least as good (or bad) as Vista...only time will tell!!

    I also dont have Vista Ultimate so I dont have any of the media center functionality to play with but then I don't really use my machine for that long as it plays MP3 etc I'm cool!

    Let me know what you have found thats cool or crap on Vista! :)


  • Vista Installed :)

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    After downloading Vista Enterprise from MSDN and finally got round to installing it!!! And wow!! It's really is pretty! a total joy to use.

    To top it off I installed Office 2007 and am publishing this post with Word 2007.

    I have had a couple of problems installing it with a few things not working straight away I had to search around for some drivers and my printer software wont install but the drivers are OK.

    My PC has a rank of 4.0 on the "Vista Scale" out of (apparently) 5.9(?) see more here; next year when I hopefully get a Quad Core machine I will be at or above 5.9! I have two monitors which function fine (although I would have liked to have seen a utility for sending windows to different monitors instead of using something like Multi Mon).

    A couple views from Vista....(One of my favs!)

    IE7 with Graphite colour.....

    Now a couple of problems that are bugging me perhaps someone can shed some light....

    When running VS 2005 Team for software devs I get this...

    ...if I click Run Program it seems to work fine? Checking for solutions online tells me there is an issue but nothing more

    Then there is User Access control, every time I try and run something like Computer Manager my screens go Black for a split second then I get asked if I want to allow it...I can see the benefit of this but surely logged in as Admin running parts of the OS should be OK or at least remember that I have allowed it?!? If I turn it off I am greeted with a warning every time I log in.

    Going to continue re-installing my software and see what else pops up. J


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