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  • Lance Armstrong–such a shame…

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    This is obviously all over the news at the moment, I for one find it disappointing reading about it (BBC article - ) .

    I can’t really understand the thinking behind it.  This goes back a long way, and they appear to have no proof other than the word of other people – which as we all know is not proof.  Of course you can’t allow a doper to simply be “allowed” because of who he is.  But this all happened a long long time ago – and they don’t appear to have conclusive evidence.

    I understand his comment, he must be tired of fighting you and as he gets older why would he want to continue fighting and fighting.  He wants to enjoy time with his family, I would too.

    I think Lance is an icon, an inspiration (albeit with an arrogant American approach), what he has achieved and continues to achieve racing in Triathlons in quite incredible.

    He is a credit to your country and done a many great things for a great many people.


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